Focus on fighting Neglected Tropical Diseases and Intensify people's health since 2000

Staff mail

Our Work


Disease Surveillance and control

PHL-IdC, in close collaboration with the MoH provides technical support for the monitoring and evaluation of endemic diseases control activities. PHL-IdC advises and provides technical support in the surveillance, early detection and control of outbreaks, with particular reference to diarrhoea epidemics

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Operational research

Implementation of public health interventions based on operational research on NTDs and their nutritional impact has been the most rewarding undertaking by PHL-IdC so far. PHL-IdC will continue research and implementation efforts in this area, and maintain a position of global excellence as the only WHO-CC on NTDS.

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Training and workshops

PHL-IdC has grown in reputation as a centre of research excellence, the provision of training has become a regular undertaking. A commitment has been taken to provide knowledge and skills not only to the healthcare and biomedical sciences professionals of Zanzibar but also to scientists and clinicians from around the world.

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