Focus on fighting Neglected Tropical Diseases and Intensify people's health since 2000

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Since its inception, PHL-IdC has attained some considerable achievements, establishing Zanzibar as a pioneering location for developing global strategies for control of infectious diseases.


Successful public health interventions, especially in the area of NTDs (STH, Schistosomiasis and Lymphatic Filariasis), led to the recognition of PHL-IdC as the WHO Collaborating Centre for NTDs from 2013 after a previous role as a WHO CC on schistosomiasis and intestinal parasitic infections.

International Training

Participants of ”Facing the Challenges of Global Health ” An Advanced Residential Course on Poverty-Related and Neglected Tropical Diseases , held at the Public Health Laboratory Ivo de Carneri in Pemba.

Technical support

PHL-IdC advises and provides technical support in the surveillance, early detection and control of outbreaks

Focus on fighting NTDs

PHL-IdC is running an awareness program at schools; using an easy-to-understand brochure as well as posters, the program explains the causes of schistosomiasis and teaches children ways to prevent from the disease

Public Health Laboratory - Ivo de Carneri

Intensify people's health since 2000



Welcome to Public Health Laboratory Ivo de Carneri (PHL-IdC). The Public Health Laboratory Ivo de Carneri (PHL-IdC) is an integral part of the local health care system in Zanzibar, and a reference centre for monitoring and evaluation of national control programs for endemic diseases and implementing related operational research and scientific studies..

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About us

The PHL-IdC  run through a Public Private Partnership,  It works closely with  Ministry of Health- Zanzibar and the Ivo de Carneri Foundation (Milan, Italy) and World Health Organisation (WHO). It collaborates with national and International scientific institutions  to implement global strategies of disease surveillance and control.

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For the wide range of health and development needs of the community of Zanzibar to be fully met and for PHL-IdC to project sub-regional, regional and global influence.
To support and conduct innovative, world-renowned research, training and public health interventions in Zanzibar, with a focus on equity and sustainability.